Feast of Saint Valentine

I lied to you all. I’m posting on this wonderful day the things I made for the loves in my life. I feel quite full of love, and I want to start expressing it: a)more explicitly; and b) more often. So I’ll begin today with a few goodies for the soul.


From one morbid soul to another. I made Coconut Butter Skull Crushers (with cranberry-raspberry chia jam inside. When you bite into them it looks like bloody brains…. hehehe). Inspiration from here and here.


Then I made these brownies. But I made them in a muffin tin (and a few in tiny ramekins) and topped them with the cran-raspberry chia jam. They are the perfect single serving little cakey-brownies. Although I detest cake, I love making brownies and I love baking for my loves.

Beyond food, I choose to love ALL today. I don’t care if you think v-day is a cop-out and it’s just an excuse to do nice things and express our feelings. Well, at least we have an excuse to treat the ones we love!! MUCHO LOVE. (Wow… world record for number of times a post could have the word “love”)


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